John Dale

Hi, I'm John. I do bits of stuff here, there and everywhere on the internet, and this is the place where I keep track of it all.

The Heels

I play keyboards in an excellent band called the Heels. I recommend us if you're looking for a good-time band for a party, wedding, birthday, etc. We have a website and a Facebook page.

Chaos Band

I also play keyboards in the Chaos Band. We do a great mix of pop and rock covers, and of course, we too have a website and a Facebook page.

I'm now retired; I used to work at the University of Warwick in their IT Services department.


I'm on Twitter, although realistically mostly what I do is just retweet things that make me laugh or make me cross.


I'm also on Facebook, though there's not much to see there unless we're Facebook friends.


Many years ago, I wrote a blog. I don't update it any more, so it's just a historical curiosity now, though there are a few things in there that still make me laugh.


I record music with friends and publish it to Soundcloud.


I'm a watch enthusiast, though my interest is not matched by my budget, so I content myself with maintaining a Pinterest of watches I like.

Video Killed the Radio Star, Chaos Band
Breaking Hearts (Elton John cover)
First Kiss (Carlene Carter cover) with Ene Nixon
Make Me Feel (Janelle Monae cover), The Heels

I post a fairly random assortment of photos to Instagram.